What is the Ohm Society?

The Ohm Society is a group of people throughout the world who come together to discuss everything related to meditation: the benefits associated with meditation, the ways in which meditation is used in many different religions, and techniques to deepen your meditation practice.

Where did the Ohm Society originate?

The Ohm Society began as a small group in San Francisco, California and slowly grew into an international online phenomenon.

What is meditation?

Meditation has many different definitions. In its loosest definition, meditation occurs when one’s mind has been completely cleared and one is consciously aware of each breath.

Is meditation spiritual?

It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. While many people in all sorts of religion feel more connected with God as they understand Him when they meditate, meditation can also be beneficial for atheists. Typically, atheists will view meditation as a practice of the mind. It is ironic that a practice of the mind should include ceasing all thought.

Do you have to go to a certain place, wear a certain thing, have a certain kind of music on, etc. to be able to meditate?

No! Studies have shown that even meditating for five minutes at your desk at work can be beneficial. Many people find it to be extremely helpful to incorporate meditation in with their regular daily routines.