Meditation and Substance Abuse

Meditation and Substance Abuse

Jan 18
Meditation and Substance Abuse

Studies have shown that for people who have substance abuse and addiction issues, meditation can be an extremely helpful tool in recovery.

Many rehabilitation and recovery programs incorporate meditation into recovery for addiction, and studies have proven this to be an effective tool. It is such an appealing tool for addicts to use because unlike many 12-step programs, which are faith-based, meditation is a tool that works for those who are spiritual, those who are religious, those who are atheists, those who are agnostic, and everything in between.

For those who suffer from addiction who find spirituality and religion to be helpful in their recovery, meditation can be a tool for them to strengthen their connection to God. For those who are atheists or agnostic, meditation can still be an effective tool for combating addiction because it is an exercise in mindfulness and a higher level of awareness. Often, the urge to use drugs and/or alcohol comes from a lack of awareness. If one can become re-centered, aware, and conscious, one can often overcome the urge to use drugs and alcohol.

Studies have also shown that people who meditate have more productive and happier lives. Recovering addicts need to be around positive people like this. They do not need to be around negative influences–people who are very unconscious.

Studies have also shown that meditation can actually physically rewire pathways in the brain. Those who suffer from addiction issues often have issues within their brains, and they need the help that is often achieved from meditating.

Studies have also shown that meditation as a tool prevents recovered drug users, addicts, and alcoholics from relapsing. Most relapses occur in moments of weakness or highly unaware and unconscious thoughts. Those who meditate regularly are in better control of their urges, their thoughts, their emotions, and ultimately, their behaviors and actions.

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