Creating Space for Healing and De-stressing

Creating Space for Healing and De-stressing

Apr 18
Creating Space for Healing and De-stressing

Why is it that we always stress ourselves out? Why do we rush to get everything done? Why do we place so much more value on productivity than healing and feeling calm and relaxed? Anxiety as well as stress can wreck our lives. And actually, we can be more productive when we have made the time for healing and self-care.

Have you ever been working so much and then out of nowhere you get sick? Sometimes getting sick is the body’s way of telling us to slow down. Some of us simply won’t slow down unless we do get sick. So many of us take on the burden of trying to do everything all the time.

We deserve to take a break from our lives and be able to chill. We deserve to be able to heal ourselves. You need to give yourself permission to get away from it all and find respite. Meditation as a daily habit can be an opportunity to do this.

When we meditate every day, this gives us a chance to be with ourselves, be with the stillness, and allow ourselves to heal and get centered. Even if we just take ten minutes a day to reconnect with Spirit and heal, this can be incredibly beneficial.

Taking the time for self-care and healing is much better if you have the space to do so. Find a comfortable chair or corner in your home. Find a serene place outside in your back yard. Find a nice spot outside of your office. Just find somewhere where you can feel at peace and give yourself the space to de-stress.

Having the right space in which to de-stress is definitely important. You want to choose a space that is neat and uncluttered or a space that is connected to nature in some way. You want to choose a space in which you can be yourself and really feel at One with your surroundings and the inner voice that helps you.

There are many different benefits associated with finding a daily practice of meditation and healing. For more information on some interesting meditations, have a look at ourĀ Free Guided Meditations page to put these things into practice.

It also helps if you can find a buddy that will help you to stay accountable. When you are getting too stressed and you need to take a time out, your meditation buddy can remind you to pause, breathe, and take care of yourself.